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Protecting children: A social model by Brid Featherstone
(Paperback - published 19 September 2018 by Policy Press)

RRP: £21.99 

Re-imagining child protection: Towards humane social work with families by Brid Featherstone, Susan White, Kate Morris
(Paperback - published 14 April 2014 by Policy Press)

RRP: £21.99 

Contemporary Child Care Policy and Practice by Barbara Fawcett, Brid Featherstone, Jim Goddard
(Paperback - published 27 May 2004 by Palgrave Macmillan)

RRP: £20.99 
Cheapest price £7.83

Family Life and Family Support: A Feminist Analysis by Brid Featherstone
(Paperback - published 8 December 2003 by Palgrave Macmillan)

RRP: £21.99 
Cheapest price £24.77

Contemporary Fathering: Theory, Policy and Practice by Brid Featherstone
(Paperback - published 15 April 2009 by Policy Press)

RRP: £21.99 
Cheapest price £15.87

Working with Men in Health and Social Care by Brid Featherstone, Mark Rivett, Dr Jonathan Scourfield
(Paperback - published 1 August 2007 by Sage Publications Ltd)

RRP: £22.99 
Cheapest price £14.36

Children Experiencing Maltreatment: Who Do They Turn To? (Green) by Brid Featherstone, Helen Evans
(Paperback - published 1 January 2004 by National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC))

RRP: £5 


Search results for Brid Featherstone

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